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Research Participants

Charlottesville Medical Research (CMR) is an independent clinical research facility in Charlottesville, Virginia. We have been working with pharmaceutical and device companies for over 20 years with the goal of making a meaningful contribution to world health.



Charlottesville Medical Research (CMR) has extensive experience conducting Phases II thru IV studies over the last 20 years with a solid infrastructure of highly experienced research personnel. Our dedication to providing quality data and extensive oversight are unmatched.

The timeline of a migraine, prodrome migraine, migraine research, woman on laptop, head in hand

The Phases of Migraines: Prodrome

Migraines are a type of headache that causes moderate to severe pulsating or throbbing pain on one side of the head. They can last from a few hours up to three days. Symptoms associated with them are nausea, vomiting, sensitivity to light, and sound. There are four main phases of

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What is Fibromyalgia, blog, Woman with curly hair smiling, clinical research

What Is Fibromyalgia?

Fibromyalgia is a chronic condition that can mimic other conditions’ symptoms. It can be challenging to diagnose as it shares symptoms with other conditions. For the 10 million Americans that are affected by it, this provides no comfort. Hope is on the horizon, and through the work of clinical research

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Person grabbing their knee in pain, osteoarthritis, clinical trials

OA of the Knee

All of our joints have a typical damage and repair process. With osteoarthritis (OA), the immune function meant to heal, instead leads to joint degeneration. OA is the most common form of arthritis, and it affects the knee most often. OA takes several years to develop and is usually not

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