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Partnering to Advance Healthcare

A Message From Dr. James Clark, Our Medical Director

Charlottesville Medical Research (CMR) has successfully completed over 450 Clinical Trials since 1991. During this time, I served my community as an internal medicine physician while also engaging in medical research as a clinical investigator. My desire has been to ensure that all patients receive the most effective therapies, with the fewest risks.

Clinical Research Opportunities in Charlottesville

Throughout the years, I have had the privilege to witness my clinical research endeavors at CMR facilitate FDA approval and marketplace availability of improved treatment options. In January 2016, I assumed the role of owner and Medical Director of The Charlottesville Medical Research Center, LLC.  My passion for advancing medicine and caring for patients will yield a greater impact, as I focus my energy towards promoting therapeutic advances that are obtained through clinical research.  I am honored to be working with a team of investigators and clinical coordinators that also share my passion for bringing patients more advanced treatments.

Clinical Research Team in Charlottesville Virginia

James Clark, MD

Owner and CEO

Dr. James Clark completed his residency in Internal Medicine at the University of Virginia followed by a fellowship in Primary Care Sports Medicine at the Cleveland Clinic. He moved to Charlottesville in 1997 where he was in private practice and was the President and Medical Director of Medfit Wellness Center, a full-service wellness and exercise facility. In 2002, Dr. Clark became an investigator for Charlottesville Medical Research, managing clinical research studies such as diabetes, migraines, hypertension, and osteoarthritis. Dr. Clark has completed over 165 clinical trials at the research center and, in 2016, he assumed the role of Owner and Medical Director of Charlottesville Medical Research. He continues to help advance medical research by providing constant Principal Investigator oversight while providing quality data for Pharmaceutical Sponsors and the highest level of safety for every research volunteer.