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Charlottesville Medical Research (CMR) is located in the heart of historic central Virginia. Our team of investigators and clinical coordinators are passionate about advancing medicine and caring for patients, by promoting therapeutic advances obtained through clinical research. We have successfully completed over 450 Clinical Trials since 1991, with the goal of ensuring that all patients receive the most effective therapies with the fewest risks.

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Research Participants

Charlottesville Medical Research (CMR) is a clinical research facility in Charlottesville, Virginia. We work directly with pharmaceutical and device companies with the goal of making a meaningful contribution to world health.

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Charlottesville Medical Research (CMR) has extensive experience conducting Phases II thru IV studies over the last 30 years with a solid infrastructure of highly experienced research personnel. Our dedication to providing quality data and extensive oversight are unmatched.

Looking for a Boost?

COVID-19: Looking for a Boost?

For a while, COVID-19 vaccine hesitancy was such a struggle that it seemed the number of fully vaccinated individuals in the U.S. would stay under 50% for the foreseeable future. Now, the CDC recommends booster shots for all three available vaccines. As a result, a whole new wave of misinformation

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It's Low Vision Awareness Month

Type 2 Diabetes Can Impact the Whole Body

Vision impairment can make it hard to do everyday things like reading, shopping, and cooking. Approximately 4.2 million Americans ages 40 and older are visually impaired. Of these, 3 million have low vision. February is Low Vision Awareness Month. Retinopathy is a leading cause of vision loss and one of

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How headache diaries are making migraines more manageable

How Headache Diaries are Making Migraines Manageable

Though we have a standard list of migraine symptoms, each individual experience varies slightly from the next. Keeping track of your symptoms through a headache diary is critical to your individual treatment plan. This blog will review how the information gathered in headache diaries can help make migraines more manageable.

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