Sponsor/CRO Info

Sponsor/CRO Information

A Strong Commitment to Quality Research

When you select Charlottesville Medical Research to conduct your clinical research study, we are committed to providing two very important deliverables throughout the duration of the trial including providing exceptional data while maintaining safety and oversight at all times. Beginning with Site selection, we have a dedicated regulatory staff who provide a one-week turnaround of documents using a centralized IRB for all outpatient studies. In parallel, contracts and budgets are completed with the same turnaround time.

Our intention is to enthusiastically provide you with rapid enrollment, exceeding expectations, while maintaining a strict dedication to quality control. Our full-time Subject Recruiter consistently meets the Sponsor’s allocated subject goals in a timely manner and we are frequently asked to continue enrolling beyond the initially contracted agreement.

Quality data is the key to every research study. We know its importance and it is our highest priority throughout the entire trial. As a research only facility, our only responsibility and commitment is providing you with thorough data while maintaining direct Investigator oversight with every subject seen. This is our commitment and it is what we do.

We maintain our own database of volunteers who have previously been recruited for studies. The resulting benefit for the Sponsor with which we work is that we provide non-transitory, quality subject populations from a variety of demographic and socio-economic backgrounds to enroll in clinical studies. A dedicated patient recruiter and years of experience means that we also have the marketing skills to reach out to the community for volunteers to participate in the clinical research process while keeping screen failures low with our extensive pre-screening efforts. Educating our subjects prior to enrollment as well as throughout the entire process minimizes drop-outs and keeps subjects adhering to study visit windows.

CMR demonstrates our strong commitment to quality research through SOP and protocol adherence, compliance to the International Conference of Harmonization Good Clinical Practices (ICH-GCPs), and compliance to the United States Administrative Law (Code of Federal Regulations or CFR) governing the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), an agency of the United States Department of Health and Human Services.

We firmly believe that as a valued part of your team we can successfully complete your clinical investigation to bring new medications and treatments to the marketplace. Please contact us so that we can start a detailed conversation on how we may be able to work together.

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