Benefits of Participating in Medical Research

When you participate in research, society benefits, bringing new hope for patients afflicted with different conditions. Future generations may benefit from your choice to further medical research.

Ten Wonderful Reasons to Volunteer for a Clinical Trial

1. You will contribute to the advancement of medical research.
2. Your involvement may lead to the prevention of diseases and better treatment options for chronic medical conditions.
3. Your quality of health and life may improve.
4. You’ll play an active role in educating yourself about your health.
5. You have an opportunity to learn more about your illness or condition and options for treatment.
6. You may have access to new medications or procedures before they are widely available at no cost.
7. You will get personal attention from well qualified medical personnel.
8. You may receive diagnostic tests, ECGs, lab work, radiological tests, and medical exams at no cost.
9. Any of your test results can be shared with your primary care physician.
10. You may be compensated for your time and travel.