Invasive E. coli Disease Prevention – Vaccine Study

E. coli research study in Charlottesville, VA

Bloodstream infections are both common and dangerous for older patients. The risk of developing an invasive infection caused by the E. coli bacteria is further increased if you have had a urinary tract infection in the past. 

If you or someone you love is age 60+ and has a history of UTIs, consider enrolling in our vaccine clinical trial. What we learn in this study may be helpful for blood infection prevention in the future.



Eligibility Requirements*: 

  • Adults ages 60 and older  
  • Has a history of UTIs in the past 2 years 


*Note additional criteria applies. 


Qualified Enrolled Participants May

  • Have access to doctors or medical professionals 
  • Receive study medication 
  • Receive compensation for time or travel