National Physicians Week

National Physicians Week takes place March 25 -31 to spotlight the medical doctors that selflessly dedicate themselves to the health of humanity. Over the last two years, their heroism has been a daily testament at the forefront of the COVID-19 pandemic. As a clinical research site, joining the efforts to fight against COVID-19 and other medical conditions continues to solidify our vision here at Charlottesville Medical Research. In honor of National Physicians Week, our owner and CEO, Dr. James Clark, shares a little about his inspirations and why the team of doctors are the best in the research industry.

Dr. Clark

What inspired you to become a doctor, specifically working in clinical trials?

Dr. Clark: Research is inspiring as it is truly the cutting edge of medicine. Without research, there would be no advancement in health care. It is important for me to not only make a difference for those I am seeing but also for those worldwide.

What is the most rewarding part of being a doctor?

Dr. Clark: Good health is the most important and cherished goal we all strive to achieve. Being part of helping people obtain the best possible health is rewarding and a true blessing.

What makes the doctors at CMR the best in clinical research?

Dr. Clark: At CMR, all staff and physicians are solely dedicated to research, conducting only clinical trials, without the pull of other activities. Dedication, experience, and the desire to deliver only the highest quality research sets CMR apart.

Tell us some of the major achievements of Charlottesville physicians over the past few years. What are you the proudest of?

Dr. Clark: CMR and its team have conducted 475 clinical trials over the last 20 years. The studies conducted have included over 30 different indications. It makes us all proud to see medications that we participated in their clinical trials get approved and available for the general population. We are making a difference in so many lives

Tell us about some future goals for the doctors and the team at CMR?

Dr. Clark: Our goals remain the same – to continue to carry out our vision…. “To make a meaningful contribution to world health through clinical research while promoting wellness and the utmost care for our patients.”

 There's nothing stronger than the heart of a volunteer

Dr. Clark and the dedicated team here at Charlottesville Medical Research take on multiple roles in the bigger picture of advancing medicine. Clinical trial volunteers are vital to learning more about a condition, evaluating the safety and effectiveness of new treatments, and more. To learn more about participating in research or our enrolling studies, contact us today at (434) 817-2442 or visit our website.