The Gift of Good Health: Volunteering in Clinical Research

Giving back during the holiday season is customary for many individuals and families. Volunteering in clinical research studies is often overlooked because it can get overshadowed by holiday-related options. It’s understandable; being a clinical research volunteer doesn’t sound very “Christmassy.” That’s because research studies aren’t confined to a month on a calendar as they work to advance medicine. Volunteers who participate in studies are the lifeline that makes these advancements possible. They offer the ultimate way to give back through the gift of good health.

Research Studies and Volunteering

All human bodies are unique, and these variations mean how we respond to and internally process a therapy can differ. In other words, you may react great to a medication, while for another person the medication has no effect, for example. Scientists and researchers work to learn more about medical conditions to improve detection, prevention, and management by designing new therapies. Prospective treatments must go through assessments in the lab, then in research study phases before public access.

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Clinical research studies help determine potential new options’ safety and effectiveness by learning how they interact in people. Without research volunteers, these advancements would not be possible.

Mind, Body, and Soul Benefits

Giving back as a research volunteer benefits the mind, body, and soul. Playing an active role in the advancement of medicine is a given benefit each participant can be proud of. It is the reason clinical trials exist, and the effects continually impact future generations. Other benefits include:

  • Giving back to others is known to be good for the heart; it makes you feel good. Research also shows a positive impact on your mental health. It helps combat depression while reducing stress, feelings of isolation, and more.
  • Take control of your health by learning more about your condition while under the study’s medical team’s regular, expert care.
  • May gain access to cutting edge treatments that aren’t available to the public, which may conceivably be better than standard options.
  • Many studies offer reimbursementfor time and travel for qualified participants. Earn holiday money or save up for the future!
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If you’re wondering how you can give back during the holidays, research studies could be an option for you. Give the gift of good health today as a research volunteer with Charlottesville Medical Research. To learn more about all of our currently enrolling studies, call (434) 817-2442, or visit the study listing page on our website.